Global Leadership in Disaster Response

GW offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences in Global Leadership in Disaster Response (GLDR). By the end of the program of study, students will be able to:

  1. Develop disaster response plans and humanitarian outreach programs that coordinate health services across various international aid organizations in diverse settings.
  2. Integrate telemedicine into domestic and global humanitarian responses.
  3. Apply principles of health promotion and disease prevention to identify strategies for mitigating health risks associated with disasters and humanitarian crises.
  4. Communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders, individually and in group settings, using verbal, written, and electronic modes of communication.


**We are not accepting students to this program at this time, but please refer to our other program offerings.

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Humanitarian aid helicopters being directed by an air traffic controller on the ground.

The BSHS with a major in Global Leadership in Disaster Response (GLDR) is a degree completion program that requires successful completion of 120 credit hours.

Humanitarian aid trucks driving down a dirt road.

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